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why jk rowling embodies depression as dementors
i wanted to talk to you about happiness
but i don't think anyone in this room is qualified to talk about something
they probably don't know much about, and
how it spends most of its time
seeping out of your skin in whatever ways it can
because maybe your body is too toxic for it.
that's when you start having your moment.
the moment when you're not sure
how to be alive,
when strings become nooses
in the stars of your eyes,
thin objects mock your bones
and the instruments of your heart
act like knives thirsting for blood.
pavement shatters underfoot.
the cracks become teeth,
sharp and unfriendly as you pass;
they're grey, great sheaves of skin.
the world is alive, but unfriendly and cold.
so we sink back into what we're used to.
the way settling into sadness
is like settling into bed after a long day.
so they put you on everything they can find.
prozac, where you stayed miserable.
abilify, where you stayed miserable.
seroquel, where you stopped eating
when being treated for having stoppe
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Lane pried up the floorboard and ran her hands over the wood. She knew every groove and line in every board in the small room. The knots felt familiar under her fingers, and she sighed when she found the small dent she knew she'd find in this one.
The slip of paper between her teeth tasted like cheap liquor, but she didn't mind. That was familiar, too.
As quietly and with as much precision as possible, Lane lowered the slip of paper into the hole beneath the board and smiled.
The house she lived in felt like a dungeon. Her parents didn't understand their shy, creative daughter, and they didn't care to. They left her room sparse to keep her "free from distraction."
Other 17-year-olds had posters and books and magazines. Lane had walls and textbooks and the doll she got when she was five.
At school, though, she was free. She kept to herself and liked it that way. They gave her paper at school: notebooks and notepads and binders full of blank sheets. They gave her pens and pencils and era
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Nothing to Do With Tea (or Camping)
"Son! What are you doing?"
"This guy is camping."
"I can see that."
"I heard you hate campers!"
"That's not—oh, don't do that."
"But that what you said to do to campers! I heard you the other night after you tucked me in."
"Let's leave this uh, guy here and go home. I think we need to talk."
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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 3:49 PM

Its been AGES since I updated this journal =P

It's been a rather eventful year I'd say xD

I don't remember what happened last NYE, I might have gone to a party, I might have stayed at home; I know for a fact that I went to a party the year before that because I ended up walking to my best freinds house drunk and waking everyone in her house up before dragging her back to the party with me (it was literally on the same street as her so it wasn't like she had to walk far xD). But I digress.

My 18th birthday was on the 28th of Janurary 2011, I went to an Indian resturant with my family and some friends, and ate and drank and was in general very merry =D I also found out around this time that I was going to see Iron Maiden in August (BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER) AND was lucky enough to recieve a laptop aswell. All in all a very good birthday =D

In mid february I went to the London 3DS launch with Phyonix ; it must have been a good night because over the next 6 months we became close friends, hanging out nearly every weekend throughout that period and, have been in a relationship for the past 4 and half months <3

Then there were exams. Lots and lots of A level exams (most of which I passed so hurrah! Drinking lots of caffeine and cramming like hell does work; JKS),. During this time one of my grandfathers sadly passed away, after losing his fight with the big C. I didn't know him very well but he was very much missed and I still think about him.
Then came the waiting for my results. Not alot happened between my final exam (a psychology one) and getting my results; I pretty much just existed by mucking out horses and making preparations for going to uni, although I wasn't very hopeful despite plenty of encouragment from my friends and family (best not to get my hopes up to high incase I didnt get in right? =]). Although aforementioned Phyonix did ask me out about a week or two before I got my results, and then there was Iron Maiden and a festival, so August made up for alot of inactivity, even if none of it was very constructive!

I decided I was going to commute to University from my parents home instead of moving in as its cheaper, although since I've started I've found myself wasteing money on teas and coffees and sweet things, procrastinating like hell and being asked to do lots of chores (which would be fine if it wasn't for the procrastinating aswell, meaning I don't get much work done =P), although I'm not drinking alot of alcohol, and I'm not makeing a constant tit of myself either. Only an occasional one x]

In November/October?, two of my friends decided to get engaged, and are planning on getting married later this year <3333 You know who you are guys, congratulations again, I'm so happy for the two of you~!

Christmas was nice this year, I got some new clothes, makeup and some jewelry from my parents, and some books from my brothers. Phyonix got me a 6ft Dragonaire plush which is suuuuuuuuuper soft and awesome and snuggley (thank you hun!). The food was delicious, there was alot of turkey and chocolate (there still is a fair bit of chocolate tbh), and everyone had a nice day even though there was some bickering.

Celebrated greenie 's birthday the following wek by going out to various pubs up in London; sorry there was no cake greenie but I hope the chocolates were good!  

And then onto NYE!

Spent the day with :iconphyonix: at my house, and then went out with him, my brother arthour and our friend UncleWoodstock to Frankie and Benny's for foor and alcohol! Then we went back to Phyonix's house for more alcohol, and to watch the countdown to the NY on the BBC. The fireworks at Embankment looked gorgeous, almsot wish I'd braved the cold and the crowds to be there myself (almost).

And now its 2012! What are my New Years resolutions?

1) Eat more vegetables, do more excersise and to lose weight (I know thats three but they fall under the same catergory x])
2) DO NOT fall behind with work at University; this includes reading when and what I'm suppossed to and writing essays.
3) Be nicer to my brohers because I can be a real cow to them sometimes (other times they deserve it.)
4) Be greener (be more aware of the environment and my own impact on it, stop wasteing stuff, etc)
5) Still be with Phyonix by 2013, which won't be difficult unless I don't survive Armageddon.
6) More to come I'm sure...

Happy New year everybody, hope 2012 is a good year for you all!

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  • Playing: THE GAME
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Hello, I'm Larna. I've been on DA for a few years now; I don't upload much art anymore (I blame the fact I don't have a scanner :T), however I mostly do traditional art (or doodles, whatever you want to call them). I do have a camera, although its a standard point and click, not a DSLR or anything fancy. I'm not an art student, I'm currently reading Sociology at University, it might sound boring but I'm enjoying it none the less :D I go to alot of the London Devmeets, I met my boyfriend and most of my friends at devmeets, so basically thanks to DA I now have a social life xD

Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal
Personal Quote: 'Oooh, its level 11, I was thinking in roman numerals'.



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